Friday, 1 March 2013

Update: New Year Goals

Can you believe we are already in March?! As some of you guys may know, at the end of last year I set some goals for my Blog and YouTube channel, I thought this would be a good time to write an update and review my progress so far. 
My first goal is to “make at least one video a week”. I have to say I've been doing quite well, I normally upload videos on Wednesdays, and although I've missed a few, on the most part I would say I’m achieving this goal. 

My second goal is to “start using Instagram more”. I would say I could work on this goal more but so far, so good. My Instagram name is MissFeyiA.

My third goal is to “start making more non-beauty related videos”. So far I have made a few videos. The plan is to add a new series to my channel where I cover one interesting topic a month. I've already filmed this month’s video so watch out for it next week on my channel.

My fourth goal is to “ensure my blog and YouTube grow”. I would say the growth of both are steady but more importantly, I've been getting more involved in the blogging community. I even went to my first blogger meetup which was a lot of fun. 

My final goal is to “change the URL of my blog”. As you can see, I've achieved this goal and you can now find my blog by typing

How are your new year resolutions and goals going? 
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