Monday, 15 July 2013

Have you got your makeup on this morning? || Monday Moments #7

**Guest Post**
Hi everyone, I'm Sophie. I write a little blog over at I just want to say thank you to Feyi for letting me post on her blog. As a beauty blogger I don't do a lot of posts like this, and I've loved doing it. So thank you Feyi for inspiring me to be more open and creative with my posts!

It's an everyday occurrence where people wear makeup, I find if you're out without makeup on people look at you, maybe not in a disgusted way, but they look, you're not flawless, your skin tone isn't one shade, you're eyes aren't perfect, and yeah you may have a few blemishes, but so what? Everyone is like it in the end!

It's hard in a world where if you don't look perfect you're frowned upon, and I will admit now, I was like that, if I saw someone without makeup I would think to myself, could they not have spare 5 minutes to slap a little bit on? But why should they? Why should they cover up their face? Makeup isn't a bad thing, but when people treat you differently because you don't wear it, it's wrong. 

The point of this post was just to kind of say, embrace yourself, forget what people think. What they say, what they look like, be you. Even if that means makeup every day, or no makeup at all, no-one should judge you. I've recently started wearing no makeup, I used to wear a full face every day, but for who? It wasn't for me, it was for when I went out, and in case I saw someone I knew. Then I realised, if I felt comfortable with my own face why was I hiding it? Because people had made me feel insecure about? I shouldn't care. The most important thing is to feel happy in yourself and be able to smile, say this is me, and I’m happy with myself. 

Thanks for reading! -Sophie Rosee 

**Thanks to Sophie for her guest post, I hope you guys enjoyed this slightly different Monday Moments post. If you would like to guest post on Uncover the Untold, please feel from to contact me via Twitter or email me on**
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