Sunday, 4 November 2012

EbonyB's Real Hair: Initial Review

I decided to pick up some Brazilian hair from a company called EbonyB's Real Hair. I picked up three bundles, one 12 inch and two 14 inch of the Wavy Virgin Brazilian Hair in the colour natural. I quiet like the hair so far, it's really soft. There's a bit of a smell to it, but after washing it with the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner the smell seems to have reduced.

I'm thinking of dyeing the hair but we will see what happens. If you know any good hair dyes feel free to comment below.


  1. Have you tried the Tresseme shampoo?

  2. Why not try L'oreal casting. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals and it leaves your hair soft and manageable. I use this and I super like it.

    1. I decided not to dye the hair, but will defiantly check that hair dye out next time.


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