Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hair Talk: Hair Journey Info and the Hair Oils I Use

You may have seen some of my earlier hair talk/hair journey update posts and if so you will know that I've not really been doing so well when it comes to my healthy hair journey. After my last relaxer, I decided it was time to take matters back into my own hands (que healthy hair journey take two).

I thought these Hair Talk videos would be a good way to track my progress, don't worry this isn't turning into a hair journey blog! So vital stats:
Last relaxer:  Sunday 21st July 2013
Currently: 2 weeks post relaxer
Current Length: BSB (below shoulder blade) 
Last used direct heat: Over a month ago
Next touch up: Hopefully January 2014 (I'm trying to start relaxing my hair every 6 months) 

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