Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Wish List

Hey guys,

So I'm on a spending ban and the aim is not to buy any  make-up until November (my birthday). BUT this hasn't stopped me looking at products I'd like to buy. Below I've shared some of the products which I can't wait to pick up some time soon. What's on your wish list, feel free to comment below?

Uncover the Untold


  1. Loving the colour tattoo shadows! Great post xxx

  2. Loving your wishlist, your picks are awesome and I wish I had your skin color to rock those blushers :)
    Thank you for stepping in my blog xx


  3. I am just getting into wearing make up now, and I almost bought the MAC foundation brush until a friend told me are you crazy buy the ELF Brushes they are exactly the same! So i conceded and went to the site. I really don't see a difference!!! Great product post, check out the elf brushes, maybe you'll like them and they're 85% cheaper.... rough estimate. *smile*

  4. I really should go on a spending ban but it properly won't happen! I have the On and One Bronze colour tattoo it is gorgeous.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog

  5. i hurridly wrote down all on your wish . getting mine asap.Lovely blog


  6. Great wish list! I think I need to put myself on a spending ban too! LOL I spend too much. Great blog!

    Rosie xo


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