Sunday, 28 April 2013

How to: 10 Tops Tips to Manage Stress

Stress! I’m sure we have all experienced it at one point, I know I have! As a university student, with exams and coursework deadlines just round the corner, stress potentially has the opportunity to effect my mindset and way of thinking. But not to fear, today I’m going to share some tips on  how to handle stress in a positive way. 
Picture made me smile!
What is stress? 
Stress is defined as the body's physical response to a perceived demand or threat. 

Are there different types of stress? 
Yes, there are two types of stress. Eustress, this is GOOD stress. In the short term it’s like adrenaline, keeps you pumped and helps you to reach the finish line. Sounds great right? Well not really, eustress can quickly turn to distress. This is BAD stress, in fact distress is typically just called stress. So, how can you overcome stress I hear you ask? 

My top ten tips for managing stress 
1. Accept that there are things you can’t change 
2. Manage your time wisely 
3. Take control and make a plan 
4. Stay positive and smile 
5. Have a strong support network 
6. Eat healthy and exercise regularly 
7. Take a break, relax and have some “me time” 
8. Work SMART, not hard (this is a whole blog post in itself!) 
9. Think about the future and why you are doing what you’re doing 
10. Remember everything is for a time and a season

How do you manage stress?
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  1. It´s always easier said though..once you´re in a stressful situation, it´s hard to take a break...but ya, I agree, its´important to think about these points and keep that in mind!

    1. I completely agree, and often have to remind myself about these points also!

  2. nice tips unfortunatly everytime am stressed I lock myslef in bathroom and cry lol silly but it makes me feel better


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