Friday, 18 January 2013

Before:My First Blogger Meetup

Tomorrow I will be attending my first blogger meetup. I’m super excited, but also a little nervous as I’ve never met any of the bloggers attending. But I’ve been speaking to a few of the girls on twitter and they seem really lovely. The meetup will be taking place in Birmingham and is split into two sections.  

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The first section we will be going shopping, and having a little look at what the last of the January Sales have to offer. Then in the evening we will be going for a meal at Red Pepper restaurant in The MailBox. I will hopefully be vlogging on the day (I seem to film vlogs and then never upload them) but if I don’t vlog there will definitely be a blog post so watch out for that.
I still have absolutely no idea what to wear, so if you’ve been to a blogger meetup before please feel free to leave outfit suggestions in the comments section.
Snow appropriate shoes are definitely needed judging from the view from my window!
  Just in case you don’t know, I’m now blogging Fridays, Sundays and uploading videos on see you on Sunday!
P.S Thank you to Gemma, Clare and Kelsey for organising this meetup, I’m sure it’s going to be a great day.


  1. Soo excited to meet you hunni, its going to be fabulous :) Dress what you feel comfortable in and more so warm :)


    1. Definitely, i think it's the shows i'm not too sure about. Should be a fun day though :)

  2. Thanks so cute! hope you have a lovely time. I live near Birmingham, and it's so great to bloggers out an about in the Midlands!
    I'd go for boots - definitely with the weather!
    Grace X

  3. looking forward to meeting you - glad its not just me who is nervous!
    i have no idea what to wear either!
    i hope the snow stops!x

  4. Have fun at the meetup! I always go trendy, but structured -- but that's my personal style on a daily basis. I say, show you're style and if you're style is over the top, tone it down a little for the first day, yet still stand out. ;]

    Let us know how it goes!


    1. Thank you for the advise.

      I kept my outfit quiet simple for the blogger meetup, black skinny jeans, a nice top, boots and a blazer.

  5. Hey hun!

    It was lovely meeting you on Saturday, finally getting round my list of who to follow!

    I hope we meet up in future :) (incase you missed it on the day :P)

  6. Was lovely meeting you at this meet up :) now following you.


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