Friday, 11 January 2013

52 Week Money Challenge

My exams are finally over (does a celebration dance), and that can only mean one thing…more YouTube videos will be coming your way very soon, but onto today’s topic. SAVING!

I saw this picture (below) posted by Dawn (What Dawn Did in Heels) on Instagram. I’ve wanted a new camera for a while, at the moment I’m eyeing up the Canon 650D otherwise known as the Rebel T4i and I think it might be the one!

The challenge is pretty simple, for every week in the year you save that number of pounds. For example, week one = save £1, week two = save £2, week 3 = save £3 and so on.  I think this is a fun and easy way to save, hopefully I can follow the plan to the end of the year.

If anyone owns the Canon 650D please let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section.  But for now, let the saving begin.


  1. Love this idea! I think I'll give it a go :) xx

    1. I'd love to know how you get on :)


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