Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Makeup:1, 2, 3 a Quick and Easy Makeup Look

I’m sure we’ve all been there, you sleep through your alarm and the next thing you know…bam, you’ve just scored a new level on the lateness scale. Below is a makeup look perfect for those mornings. It’s really simple and very easy to adapt to your own personal preference.

Step 1 - Foundation 
Apply your favourite foundation, I like this one from Mac. It’s a foundation and powder in one, it also makes my skin look really smooth.

Step 2 - Blush 
 Next I like to add blusher, this varies day by day, but my go to blush is this blush palette by Sleek in Flame.

Step 3 – Lipstick 
 I’ve been falling in love with lipstick recently, I really like the way it can make you look amazing with very little effort. Again my lipstick colour changes, at the moment my lipstick of choice is Cherry Picking 965 by Wet n Wild.

The Finished Look

Note: I’m not a big fan of mascara but if you are, feel free to add this as step 4

What’s your go to makeup look when you’re in a rush?


  1. Simple and pretty! I like it.
    Erica xo

  2. I have been thinking about purchasing the studio fix powder for a while. Great post :)


    1. You should definitely get one. They have lots of different colours.


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