Sunday, 23 June 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil: Deep Repair Masque & Healing Oil Treatment Review || Sample Sundays

This weeks Sample Sundays features two products which I received at my first blogger meetup all the way back in January. I'd heard a lot about the Macadamia Natural Oil brand but had never used any of their products so decided to give them a try on my hair.
In the box I received two samples from the Macadamia Natural Oil range, these were the Deep Repair Masque and the Healing Oil Treatment (both pictured above).

Deep Repair Masque
According to the Macadamia Natural Oil website this masque uses a "combination of macadamia and argan oil infused with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts. It aims to rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving it deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits."

I really liked this masque, in fact I would say it was my favourite out of the two products. It smells amazing and left my hair feeling softer, smoother and shinier. I wouldn't say it was a "miracle" product, but it's definitely something I would consider adding to my hair care routine possibly every 2 weeks or once a month when I have my hair extensions in (it's a bit on the pricey side at £29.95 for 250ml).

Healing Oil Treatment
I'm a big fan of using hair oils on my natural hair, but I hadn't tried any on my hair extensions. This product contains a blend of oils. According to their website it "is a therapeutic blend suitable for all hair types and is especially beneficial to dry, damaged hair".

I quite liked the oil treatment, especially as it was lightweight so didn't way my hair down.  It also helped with      taming any frizz. Overall it was a good product which I liked. Again it's on the pricey side at £29.95 for 125ml. Personally if I had to pick one of these products it would be the hair masque.

Have you tried any of the products from the Macadamia Natural Oil range?

*PR Sample


  1. I have a sample of the hair mask which I need to use, it sounds amazing xx

  2. I love both of these but the hair masque is my favorite of the two. It always leaves my hair so soft & shiny but not weighed down. xx


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